Hot Potato NFT
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Carbs 36g• Burnt Hands Edition• # of Transactions: 24

The only NFT you DON'T want to hold onto. Scroll down for your chance to play.

The Story

Little Potato, Big Dreams

Spud grew up in a small farm town, as a hot head he was often labeled a clown.

All the other potatoes were waiting to be bought and sold but in his heart he had a vision much more bold.

He had an epiphany...

"I don't want to grow up to be fried or mashed. I want to travel the world and try to be passed."

With his passion igniting & hands that are inviting, the start of this new journey will sure be exciting.

While his friends are being plated, Spud has a plan that is far more sophisticated.

So begins the legend of the Hot Potato™

Do you have a world record?

This Potato Does

Help this spud become the world's most transacted NFT.

The premise is simple: a good ol' fashioned game of hot potato with a twist.

You're now playing globally on the Ethereum blockchain.

Let the games begin! Hot Potato coming your way.
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The Travels of Spud

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